Carmigo B2B Video Case Study

The Problem

To sell more consumer cars, Carmigo needed to onboard more buyers to its marketplace. But to attract more buyers, Carmigo needed to sell more cars. So they needed to find ways to convince car dealers to list their inventory on the marketplace alongside the consumer cars. 

We knew Carmigo made it easy for some of our dealership partners to sell the cars that had been sitting on their lots for too long. A lot of times, it’s not a bad car, just not the right market for the car. Just because a Dodge Ram isn’t selling well in Dover doesn’t mean it’s a bad car. A dealership in a Rural ranch town might need that Ram. 

But “List your bad cars on our marketplace” doesn’t instill confidence in the new buyers we’re onboarding. It’s a catch 22. 

The Strategy

We combed through our marketplace data to find a compelling datapoint to tell the story for us. We found something even bigger than a datapoint. We found out one of our dealership partners was using our marketplace as a tool for reshuffling and revaluing its inventory. 

We used the database to track a few specific vehicles through the entire process, from first purchase, through its long waiting period, to the resale auction, and eventually into the hands of a new consumer. 

The Deliverable

Using those data-backed stories, we created a case study video that was compelling in its specificity and scalable in its application. We were able to show how these case studies at scale can save dealership owners time and money while creating new revenue opportunities.