Brand Creation/Curation

I work with brands large and small to figure out the backstory of their organization. Only then can we create an authentic and impactful marketing strategy, visuals, communications, employee/community engagement, media productions and marketing materials.


Let me help you find your company’s foundation, and then we can build a sturdy brand on top of it.


Ways I Can Help:

  • Conduct a brand therapy session with your key stakeholders that ends with a strategic document to drive your organization’s next steps.
  • Create a brand for your new organization, complete with a visual brand mark, brand standards, and written brand communications.
  • Expand your organization’s current brand to fit into the expanding media landscape.
  • Refresh your organization’s stale brand. 
  • Distill your organization’s brand into a codified brand guide.
Content Creation

Content isn’t the destination but rather a vehicle. It’s not the end goal, it’s how we get our clients and customers from the fact-finding stage to the action we want them to take. 


Content viewers remember is either helpful, soothing, funny, or remarkable. Because content is just words on a page. Storytelling is connecting with your audience to create a memorable experience. 


I help my clients tell their stories across media (web copy, print collateral, podcast, social media, explainer videos, etc.) and platforms to connect with their best audience.


Ways I Can Help:

  • Do a content-focused brand audit to find your most compelling stories.
  • Pitch content ideas or brainstorm ideas with your team.
  • Work with your creative team to develop a deeper content creation strategy.
  • Build content templates and frameworks for your team to work within.
  • Create custom multi-media content for your company. 
Content Marketing

Right now, millions of people are searching the web for answers to their questions. I’ve helped regional companies and startups compete with national brands for search engine keywords across video, image, text, and voice search. The trick to ranking on search engines is to answer your customers’ questions in a way that is as helpful to the reader as it is easy for search engines to parse.

I help brands build a sustainable strategy for building their organic online presence.


Ways I Can Help:

  • Create a strategy for using owned content to attract new leads to your website or online storefront.
  • Establish a standard operating procedure to help your organization’s creative team.
  • Support your marketing team’s content creation efforts.
  • Execute your organization’s content creation strategy. 
Explainer Videos

No one wants to be lectured during a sales pitch, which is why explainer videos can be such a helpful sales tool. Explainer videos give organizations the opportunity to use branded visual metaphors to explain their process. It helps connect the dots quickly, effectively, and without coming across as preachy.


Most people would rather be dumb than seem dumb, so they don’t ask questions. My superpower is asking dumb questions so that I can explain complex ideas to broad audiences. 


I help my clients distill their complex organizational ideas by drawing on my background as a journalist.


How I Can Help:

  • Create an explainer video strategy and compile a list of topics. 
  • Write an explainer video script for your creative team to execute.
  • Create an explainer video for your organization, start to finish. 
Marketing Collateral & Print Materials

Business cards, brochures, one-sheeters, rack cards, newsletters, annual reports, magazines, ugh. Believe it or not, I have fun creating unique, tangible marketing materials and sourcing creative print solutions.


I help my clients create significant leave-behinds and print materials that stay in hands, on desks, and out of the trash. 


How I Can Help:

  • Audit and refresh existing collateral print files.
  • Apply new branding across standard business leaves-behinds.
  • Source and handle print solutions.
  • Design new marketing collateral.
Music Scoring

If your organization operates in an audio space, whether through radio, video, podcasting, or ad placement, adding a custom musical component gives your story one more sensory touch point. And with a global shift to audio content consumption, custom music instantly makes your story stand out.


What’s more impactful, a climactic moment, or a climactic moment with swelling strings? What’s more moving, a compelling story, or a compelling story with a minor chord progression underneath?


Ways I Can Help:

I create custom scores for audio content like explainers videos, documentaries, radio ads, and podcasts.

Musical Themes and Jingles

What if your brand had an icon, a tone of voice, a color palette, and a sound? In today’s increasingly audio-heavy media landscape, brands with an associated jingle, theme, or tone stand out. 


Ways I Can Help:

  • Record a custom podcast theme.
  • Write a custom jingle.
  • Create a brand tone/sound. 
Social Media Planning

Business leaders overthink social media. It’s the solution to all of our problems. But the responsibility either falls to one person who already has too much to do or everyone all at once. Either way, it doesn’t get done.


But social media truly can be a solution to many problems. It offers exposure through word of mouth. It gives people an easy jumping-on-point for your brand. It is a sure-fire lead generation tool. But it’s overwhelming.


I help my clients put a social media strategy in place that is focused on their audience and sustainable by their staff. For those who don’t have the bandwidth to execute the strategy, I also provide creative support. 


Ways I Can Help:

  • Set up your organization’s social media foundation.
  • Build a sustainable social media schedule for you and your team to follow.
  • Create a “content well” from which your team can draw for social content.
  • Create creative assets and templates for social media posts.
Website Creation

Whether your business operates online or in-person, your customers operate online. That’s the reality we live in. But don’t think of your website as an obligation. Think of it as a prospecting and sales support tool. 


I help my clients identify their biggest needs and find ways their website can ease those burdens, whether it means generating new leads, filling forms, supporting sales teams with explainer content, raising donations, or keeping your audience up to date. 


I build easy-to-update websites on no- and low-code platforms so the website is fluid and never out of date. 


How I Can Help:

  • Audit your current website and create a plan to improve it.
  • Build a new no- or low-code website within which your creative team can work. 
  • Maintain the website with content and updates.