What's That Smell?

Carmigo Fresh is a series of air freshener review videos I produce to get the Carmigo brand in front of more people. These reviews use both video and written content to capitalize on search terms loosely related to cars. After all, most people who buy car air fresheners have a car they will one day need to sell.

Most People Will Sell a Car, But Almost Noone Is Selling a Car Right Now

As a brand-new company, Carmigo is competing in a space dominated by brands like Carmax and Carvana. So how do you beat the giants at their own game? You don’t. You have to do something different to stand out and fit into a new brand’s budget.

Intentional, Helpful,  Memorable

To get the Carmigo brand in front of car owners without breaking the bank, we produce multimedia content that can continue to work in the background. The content either has to answer a question about Carmigo, answer a question about cars and selling them, or be entertaining enough to be remembered.

I wrote, shot, edited, and composed the theme for this video. This project was completed at Carmigo with editing and design help from Hannah Moore as well as production help from Nidhi Thacker.