Building a Social Presence from Scratch

Trying to source online organic sales leads without national brand equity is an uphill battle, but it was the battle we had in front of us. Carmigo needed to become a known player in the online used car sales space. But as a small startup, they didn’t have the time or capital to put everything else on hold while building brand equity. Carmigo needed brand equity in the long term but also needed to sell cars in the near term.

The Work

We built a content calendar and production system that was built around long-form written SEO content. With the cornerstone content complete, graphic, video, and social content production were easier and more efficient. Writers could work on new long-form pieces while the rest of the creative team enhanced the previous piece.

The Deliverables

Carmigo’s creative team posted multiple blogs each week. Each is accompanied by graphic posts, long-form Youtube videos, and shorter-term click-bait videos. These pieces were built to rank on Google search and continue to draw impressions for months and years to come. The volume of SEO-optimized content already on Carmigo’s website and social media platforms exponentially impacted each new piece produced.