Workforce Training Booklets

ICC had publicly earmarked funds for training workforces in the area. This program would allow businesses to receive financial aid for putting their employees through already-needed workforce programs.

It’s a win-win. The problem was: Nobody knew about it.

The Work

The community college was undergoing a significant rebrand, but the Workforce Development team needed the booklets in the meantime.

I collaborated with the ICC Workforce Development team to finalize the advertising content and agree on publication details (size, style, layout, distribution) while we waited for the preliminary brand guidelines to be published. We knew we wanted it to be an odd size, printed with a substantially weighted cover so it would make its way onto a decision maker’s desk, not their trash can.

Once the brand was finalized, most of the legwork was done. All that was left was putting it on the page and applying the new brand standards.

The Deliverables

I partnered with one of my favorite online printing presses to get a good price on the unorthodox printing size and worked with their team to address the kinds of issues that arise when printing a unique piece.