Building a Bank-Compliant SEO Strategy

Renasant Bank was just the right size for a national bank to come along and gobble up. But instead of becoming just another part of a larger conglomerate, the bank’s leaders decided to grow aggressively in states adjoining its footprint.

The Problem

Since most bank customers research new banking products online, a bank needs to have a strong SEO footprint to compete with the likes of Capital One, Chase, Ally, and Wells Fargo.

But because of strict (and good) banking regulations, bank compliance departments are too busy to worry themselves belaboring every single issue on SEO pages.

The Work

I was on the strategic team that pitched the creation of an entirely new site, completely disconnected from any personal banking information or login portals. 

Meanwhile, to help boost the compliance department’s confidence in our work, my team of writers and I underwent the extensive American Bankers Association Certification process.

The Deliverables

We updated this new site with helpful lists, product explanations, and financial advice. But we also included funny articles, road trip guides to cities in the bank’s footprint (great for geographic SEO), and even contracted with comedians and content providers to publish on our site.

The best part, compliance didn’t have to watch every SEC Shorts sketch because it existed within its own ecosystem.

As one of the bank’s brand ambassadors, they hired me to take the original manuscript and turn it into something that would sit on bookshelves around the region for decades to come.