Carmigo Green Light Blog | Staking Our SEO Claim

Carmigo was a starup with zero brand equity and almost no internet presence to speak of. I was tasked with building an SEO strategy. 

The Work

I implemented a two-pronged approach, first by writing topical articles that would rank within or near the automotive industry. As those posts buoyed the search engine rankings, we began writing “search intent” articles to find people looking for answers to questions about selling their cars.

The Deliverables

By targeting specific questions like, “What documents do I need to sell my car privately,” and “What is the best place to sell a car online?” Carmigo was able to leverage its growing SEO score to specifically target people looking for help selling their cars.

The Carmigo Green Light was a blog, updated multiple times a week with helpful stories, how-to videos, silly content, and automotive news. By equipping each post with images, infographics, and videos, Carmigo was able to rank for text, video, and photo search while generating extra search features like pull quotes and photo packs on the first page of Google results.