Re-Establishing a Legacy Brand

Texana Bank was a legacy brand operated by a down-to-earth East Texas family for more than 100 years. But their story of community and commitment was getting lost in the modern marketplace.

The Work

As a part of the creative team charged with refreshing the Texana Bank brand, I helped set the messaging that would move Texana into a transition period, and ultimately through a successful investment period.

We repositioned the bank as one that would be stable while the other community banks in the region were being gobbled up by multi-billion dollar national banks.

The Deliverables

We created a holding campaign as we dug deeper into the Texana story, taking out billboards in its market and quoting customers who want more from their bank.

“I want a bank that’s growing for the right reasons.” – Texarkana resident.

And when the new brand was revealed, those billboards were updated to, “I found the bank I was looking for,” while introducing the new brand.

Our team did a complete rebrand, created investment materials, redesigned the website, created a new app, and supported their departments with creative materials as the bank grew.

My Roles: I wrote video copy, the linked case study page and wrote the new Texana brand guidelines.